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Standard for data exchange in poultry and pig farming

Waar: AgroConnect


In 2014 -2015 AgroConnect in cooperation with Fancom, Hotraco, Stienen BE, Big Dutchman, FarmResult, Agrovision, AgriSyst, Porphyrio, took the initiative to develop a  global standard for data exchange between control equipment and farm management information systems, for Pig and Poultry.  

The standard interface applies to the exchange of data relating to:

  • feeding and drinking
  • climate control
  • weighing
  • animal and egg counting

A standard xml-message is specified to exchange this information. The specification set includes:

  • Implementation guide line standard messages: Implementation guide, data interchange pigs and poultry.pdf
  • The Enterprise Architect class model (an eap-file): EA-model feed and climat control.eap.
  • The data model specifications: Data Model Specification.pdf.
  • Xml scheme definition data types standard messages: DataTypes.xsd.
  • Xml scheme definition of the standard messages to be exchanged: ProductionEvents.xsd.
  • Code list: Code list standard interface.zip.
  • Implementation guide line webservice: Implementation guide WS data exchange pigs and poultry.pdf
  • Xml scheme definition for the webservice: WS_getProductionData.xsd.
  • Xml scheme definition data types for the webservice: WS_DataTypes.xsd.

These documents can be downloaded here in zip-format.